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Deng mlynedd yn ôl ...

Twll tin y cwin 0009Mae'n anodd credu fod deng mlynedd wedi mynd heibio ers i'r frenhines Elizabeth gael ei herlid o Aberystwyth gan genedlaetholwyr yn taflu wyau. Doeddwn i ddim yn agos at yr wyau na'r frenhines. Yn hytrach roeddwn i gyda nifer o bobl eraill yn nharfarn y Cŵps yn cynnal ein dathliad bach ein hunain i nodi'r ffaith fod y cwîn yn y dref.

Dyma sut yr adroddwyd yr hanes yn y Daily Mirror, 1 Mehefin 1996.

Protesters charge car

A visit by the Queen was dramatically cut short by her minders yesterday after yob students staged an angry demo.

Five protesters were held charging towards her car. Later, others broke through a security cordon and occupied an area set aside for the royal party. Worried security chiefs feared the demo by Welsh language students at Aberystwyth University would spiral out of control. The Queen agreed with "great regret" that the visit should be axed. It is believed to be the first time she has changed her planned route for such a reason.

Trouble flared as the Queen arrived to open an pounds 11million extension at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth. Five young men - at least one carrying eggs in his pocket - leapt over security barriers and headed towards the royal motorcade planning a sitdown protest. They were hauled away by police before they could reach their target, and kept in custody until the royal visit was over.

The Queen was able to carry on to the library. But more trouble was waiting at the university where she was due to unveil a plaque at a Centre of Glaciology. Protesters hung bedsheets from their hall of residence with bilingual signs attacking the visit.

Another 200 chanting students gathered on the campus where they were held back by 50 police. A group managed to break through to occupy the grassed-off area to be used by the Queen and university officials. Senior police and the Queen's personal protection officer decided the engagement should be cancelled. The monarch stayed calm throughout.

Instead, the unveiling ceremony was performed by university president Sir Melvyn Rosser. Police said the decision to cut short the visit was "much regretted, but not taken lightly."

A spokesman said: "In the interests of the safety of protesters and the Queen's dignity it was considered unsafe to proceed. The Queen reluctantly agreed." A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said: "I can't remember another occasion where the Queen's planned route has had to be changed for a similar reason. "She made this decision with great regret."

One protester, Dafydd Thomas, 23, said later: "The Royal Family has done nothing for the Welsh language and culture.

"We wanted to show the Queen she was not welcome here."

But others were disgusted by the demo. Final year student Tina Remmers said: "Those shouting and chanting at the Queen did not represent the feelings of most students." Local resident Thelma Jones, 60 - who was in the 2,000-strong crowd which greeted the Queen - said: "The students were disgusting. They should show more respect."

A separate demo was held at a nearby pub by Meg Ellis, 46. Forty years ago, she presented the Queen with a bouquet at the opening of the National Library. Yesterday, Meg - a leading light with the Welsh Language Society - handed a bunch of flowers to a drag artist, dressed as the Queen and leading an inflatable corgi. She said: "The Queen was the wrong choice to open the library extension."
Diolch i Dr HW am roi benthyg rhai ffotograffau imi eu sganio. Maen nhw'n help i gofio awyrgylch y diwrnod hwnnw - y tro cyntaf mewn hanes i brotestwyr cymharol heddychlon (!) droi'r frenhines yn eu hôl.

Rhagor o luniau o ddathliad 'Twll tîn y cwîn' yn y Cŵps.

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