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Y disgwyliedig!

Os oedd agwedd gwraig y tacsi yn annisgwyl yna mae'r pwt hyn o'r Guardian heddiw yn gwbl ddisgwyliedig. Mae'n dod o erthygl o dan y pennawd "England fans warned against giving Nazi salutes in Nuremberg". Dwi'n rhyfeddu at ddiniweidrwydd plismyn bellach.
Yesterday German police officers handed out pocket guides to thousands of England fans telling them that goose-stepping and plastic helmets would be tolerated, while Nazi salutes and SS insignia would not. Assistant chief constable Stephen Thomas, the officer in charge of the British police operation in Germany, said he was "personally disappointed" that England fans continued to sing war songs. "I think they should show more respect to our hosts but if they are sung in good humour we have to accept them and hopefully our German hosts can see the humour," he said.

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