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Llythyr yn y Western mail

A welodd rhywun y llythyr hwn yn y Western mail ddydd Llun 17 Ebrill o dan y teitl 'Keep your cronyism'?

Llythyr, Western mail 2006-04-17

Dyma beth mae'n ei ddweud.

SIR - 'Hypocrisy of hypocrisies' is the only way to describe New Labour's appointment of failed Blaenau Gwent candidate Maggie Jones to sit in the House of Lords.

This back-door has brass knobs on it. During the discussion on restricting candidates from standing on both the constituency and regional lists at the National Assembly elections New Labour has argued that the public have found it odd that candidates who have failed to make their way to the Senedd by means of a constituency seat should get there on the regional lists. Even on the regional lists candidates have still to win votes in order to be elected. I think the public will find it odd that Maggie Jones will not have won any votes or any election at all but will still sit in Parliament and vote on legislation affecting us in Wales. Give me regional list deomcracy any day and keep your unelected cronyism!

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